Wedding Photography Prices

Time for another cautionary tale, this time about confirming the prices for your wedding photography (and exactly what you’ll be getting) before the big day.

We’ve been in the business a long time and have heard some real horror stories from brides who have either found there to be lots of hidden costs from their wedding photographer or worse, been held to ransom for their prints because they need to choose (and pay) for the photographs they want.

Here’s a quick checklist of things you might want to run through with your wedding photographer before agreeing a price and commissioning them to record your wedding day.

What will the total cost be for my wedding?
Seems like an straightforward question but, on top of a published rate, look out for extra costs for VAT, expenses (travel, lunch etc) and the prints themselves (see below)

How many photographers will be coming along on the day?
Some wedding photographers will bring an assistant, others work alone.

What time will the photographer be there from and to?
Most decent snappers will be there from the ‘getting ready’ to the first dance, capturing everything in between but check first. Remember this day is only going to happen once and if the photographer disappears after the speeches you’ve got to rely on friends and family to shoot the first dance. Not good.

Roughly how many photos can you expect to be able to show me afterwards?
Sounds a daft question but you may find this varies between photographers.

What will I get for my money?
Will you need to pay for the prints you want or will you have access and ownership of all the photos to do what you like with? This is a crucial one and something that I sadly hear about a lot… some photographers will ask you to pay for the prints you want and retain ‘the rights’ to the photographs meaning if you want to get extra copies for yourselves, friends or family in future you need to pay again. Please, please check this before confirming your wedding photographer.

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