In the spirit of Hallowe’en I thought I would share a recent horror story I read relating to wedding photography.

The very true story happened to a couple in Derby who found out – by text – on the morning of their wedding day that the photographer they had booked would not be covering their special day.

You can imagine how distraught they were to receive this news and, as a photographer with decades of wedding photography experience I can sympathise with the not-so-happy couple as I know how crucial this part of the wedding is for everyone involved.

Fortunately for this couple their Bridesmaids stepped in a rustled up a photographer at the last minute but the story is the stuff of nightmares.

With a team of 3 experienced wedding photographers we can guarantee that, whatever the circumstances, cancellation on the morning of your wedding is not an option and you can rest assured the best man won’t be using a disposable camera to capture the most important day of your life.