William Morris Wedding VenueThis is the first in a new series of monthly articles. Each one will be based on a single image, why we like it, how we did it and the reason it represents what we produce.

The image here I took of Phil and Dan a couple of weeks ago at their wedding in the beautiful and unusual venue of the William Morris Gallery in London.

They had a fantastic vintage look to their wedding day, Dan looking absolutely stunning in a classic 60’s style dress. They even hired an original green route finder bus! Everything was pointing towards a certain era and style. That’s what led me to edit this image in the way I did. I gave it a ‘film’ look rather than a digital one as obliviously this is what still photography looked like in the 60’s. Slightly-washed colours and hot highlights.

Most importantly though this image captures for me the very essence of Green Glass Photography, exactly why we set this company up and what we take into every wedding – a relaxed unobtrusive style, that’s as individual as the couple. Look how happy and relaxed they are, punching the air in celebration. That’s not a pose for the camera. They are obviously not intimidated by my presence and are enjoying the moment. This is only achieved by photographers that stay well out of the way and appreciate that the couple’s enjoyment is the most important thing. Any ego should be left at home!

The image is as informal as the subjects and it feels as natural as the moment it captures.

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Don’t forget to check back next month for another favourite wedding photo from our collection and why we love it.