Now there’s a phrase that gets used a lot. I think it must be on the site of every wedding photographer. It’s on ours too. But we genuinely are! I’ve been photographing weddings for 12 years now and so I’ve seen a great deal of wedding filmmakers and wedding photographers at work. Not all of them get it right. You need to stay out of the way so everyone enjoys the celebrations without feeling like they are being papped. This is so so important. But you still need to be there amongst the action in order to get the right shot. Obviously the trick is getting the right balance and despite what you might think, it’s not that hard. We use long lenses and a bit of old fashion common sense, there’s not that much more to it. With a thourough and detailed consultion, there’s no need to bother anyone on the day. If you look at our films and photographs you will see natural body language and people at ease with their surroundings. This is simply because they have no idea they are being photographed. Bride and Groom get to enjoy their big day, guests are more relaxed. And as if by magic, It makes better photographs!

“What can I say‚Ķ thorough, personable, invisible, creative, the list goes on.” Natasha Bull

“On the day I was a bag of nerves in the morning and he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable having my photograph taken.” Jennifer and Christopher Bevan

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