We’ve done a few articles now on what makes a good wedding photograph and what you should be looking for when choosing your wedding photographer.

It can be a minefield so it’s really worth taking the time to find the photographer you feel most comfortable recording your day, after all, you can’t recreate your wedding day very easily so if the shots aren’t right then you’re lumbered with them.

So, do your research. Also think twice about having a friend of family photograph your wedding unless they are an experienced photographer. Apart from dodgy results you may find that they get carried away in the fun of the day and your wedding photographs take a back seat.

Some wedding photography clangers we’ve seen others subjected to include out of focus shots, missing heads, the wrong people photographed and shots of the floor. Ultimately you want a wedding photographer who’s going to provide you with hundreds of good quality shots. Not hundreds of photographs with only a handful that are usable.

For a bit of fun, we’d like to point you in the direction of this rather amusing article containing some terrible wedding photographs. These shots aren’t bad quality, but the composition leaves a little to be desired! View the article