A couple’s wedding in Pennsylvania recently made the news for all the wrong reasons when the officiator at their wedding called a halt to proceedings because he was unhappy with the intrusive nature of the photographers the bride and groom had chosen to record their big day.



The wedding videographer at the service captured the moment the pastor snapped at the snappers on video and the YouTube clip has since gone viral with over 600,000 views.

It raises the question about how you would like your wedding photographer to behave and how much involvement you would like them to have in the cermony.

At Green Glass Photography our wedding photography style is to remain ‘behind the scenes’ whilst still capturing all the shots on your wish list, the atmosphere, guests and main key moments on the day. We will be present throughout the service and take our cue from you on what shots you want and just how close to the action you would like us to get.

A lesson from the couple in Pennsylvania? Always make your officiator aware of the involvement you would like your wedding photographer and videographer to have.