William Morris Wedding VenueIt can take time to find the right wedding photographer, one who you feel fits with the style of you as a couple and the style of your day.

With just one day to get things right it’s worth doing a few things before booking and before the wedding day itself to make sure you get the most from your wedding photographs.


Check the photography style

Some wedding photographers like to set up posed, family shots. Other prefer reportage style wedding photographs. Many take scenic, nature shots whilst others focus on people and venue. The difference between photographers and style is pretty diverse so it’s important you’re aware of what you’re getting. The best place to start is to look at the website, most photographers will have an online gallery of their recent wedding photographs are you can get an idea of what to expect.

Collect examples of what you like

You will be able to see from your photographer’s gallery what style they use but it is also worthwhile showing your wedding photographer some examples of shots you particularly like. It could be the groomsmen larking about or the bridesmaids all sat on a hay bale. These sorts of things should be decided before the day so your photographer can give you direction and set these shots up if you’re looking for specifics. Examples of the finish for your photographs is also useful e.g. vintage, black and white, soft focus etc.

Set up a contact person

On the day itself you are going to be busy enjoying time with family and friends, all wanting to congratulate you and it’s difficult to get any time with your photographer to set up shots.  A member of the wedding party such as a bridesmaid or groomsman is best placed to be the contact person your photographer can speak to about posed photos and timings.  Ask someone who knows lots of your family and friends to make collecting individuals for photographs easier.

It’s also worthwhile agreeing a time/s of day when you would like certain shots to be taken.  If you would like a group shot of all guests this may be better before the wedding breakfast as people are easier to round up.  If you are planning on wandering to a local field, woodland, beach etc for some scenic shots, plan before the day when you would like this to happen.

Give your photographer and contact a list of the photos you definitely want

If you’re keen to get a particular group of friends together or parents/sisters for certain shots, get this down on paper before the day.  You can’t do it all over again (unfortunately) so make this one day count, have a good think and get everything you want.  After all – you’re the boss.

Agree a price

Finally, make sure that you know what you are getting before your big day.  Some photographers charge on a sliding scale, others a flat rate.  Some charge you for prints afterwards, other give you all your images to use as you wish.  It’s important you know what you’re getting.

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