Wedding Photography in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire.

I’ve the great pleasure of introducing our small team of creative photographers Tom, Maisie and myself David. We’ve more than 20 years experience between us working all over the world and with lots of famous faces. We’ve joined forces as we share an outlook on what wedding photography should be – bespoke and with no egos! We aim to provide stunning photography that reflects your ideas and personality, all shot in an unobtrusive and professional manor.

We will work closely with you from the first contact to ensure your special day is captured just they way you wish. Please get in touch, we would love to hear your ideas.                                                                                          

Take a moment to look through our Gallery of wedding photography from beautiful locations in the Cotswolds and beyond.

A little bit about us

David Grange

I feel passionately about how a wedding should be shot and how photographers should behave. I believe the best photographers will blend in with your guests, leaving any ego they have at home. This means you look and feel at ease, and because of that we can return the best possible photographs.







My style is very candid and I have always loved documentary style photography, this is a style I try to maintain on the day. Photographing those intimate moments between family and friends is always a privilege.






I try to immerse myself in the background becoming almost invisible so not to intrude on the elegance of the day. I find this produces the most organic results that will evoke nostalgia for decades to come. I set out to take photographs with a timeless appeal with a refined element of creativity in an honest and discrete manner so that a couple can enjoy their day without interruption.


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